Why Should Businesses Consider Using Custom Boxes?

Custom boxes have revolutionized storage solutions. They are no longer just packaging; if used right, they also act as a marketing and branding tool. For this reason, brands have moved away from traditional boxes. There are a lot of benefits to using custom boxes, like being cheap to make, using sustainable materials, and more. Custom packaging is especially beneficial to newcomers in the market and small brands.

The real beauty of custom packaging is that it has no standard shape or size. It can be customized to store any item. There are many types of custom boxes to fit the individual needs of brands without the risk of using a similar box as other brands. There are tuck boxes, product display boxes, pyramid boxes, rigid boxes, and more.
Now it’s established that custom boxes are indeed useful for businesses. But why exactly should brands invest in custom boxes? This article will answer this question in detail.

Why Invest in Custom Boxes?

For businesses, investing is not a small decision. This is especially true if it’s a big investment that can make it difficult for brands to maintain a competitive retail price. Investing in custom boxes not only costs less compared to traditional ones, but there are other benefits to it like branding opportunities, better protection, increased visibility, and more. Here are the benefits of using custom boxes:

1-      Better Protection

Above all else, a box protects the stored item; if it can’t do it, it’s useless. Custom boxes offer better protection than traditional ones. Traditional boxes are a one-size-fits-all solution; they are either too small or too big for items.

There are two problems with traditional boxes. First, the items move around during shipping and are at risk of being damaged. Second, brands must add extra padding inside the box to keep the items from moving, which increases costs.

Custom boxes, on the other hand, are designed as per the exact specifications of the items. This means the box fits perfectly, which keeps items from moving around during shipping. Not only that, brands can add an extra layer of protection for fragile items by including padding at a low cost. This layer is also designed specifically for the box and the stored item and doesn’t look like it is forcefully stuffed.

Also, custom boxes are made with sturdy materials, which makes them strong enough to save the item from moisture and dust.

2-      Get Noticed

It’s hard for small brands to get noticed in a market ruled by big brands. With their limited budget, they can’t spend big on marketing. This is where custom boxes help small brands get noticed in the market.

When a customer enters a market, they instantly notice products that grab their attention using their unique packaging. The box is the first point of contact for the customer, without ever touching it. Customization tools allow brands to design a unique look for their boxes that makes them instantly recognizable. It increases the visibility of the item on market shelves.

However, no custom box boosts visibility as much as product display boxes. They are designed for brands that would otherwise go unnoticed on retail shelves. They help the brand jump straight to the front counter of the retail market. Product display boxes are usually placed near the cash counter where the customer is about to spend. They not only help brands get noticed, but they also boost sales.

3-      Affordable

In current economic conditions, businesses struggle to keep costs under control. This is especially true for small brands. To maintain a competitive retail price, brands often cut corners on boxes. With quality custom boxes, they don’t have to cut corners as they are affordable. Advances in packaging tech have made custom boxes a cheap alternative to traditional ones.

Custom boxes use less material to produce, which not only reduces waste but also the overall cost of production. This makes it an easy and affordable choice to make over traditional boxes.

Also, custom packaging helps lower shipping costs. Standard brown boxes take up more than the required space, which increases the shipping cost. On the other hand, custom boxes take relatively less space due to being designed specifically to fit the item. It not only lowers shipping costs but also allows brands to ship more units in a limited space.

4-      Marketing Tool

Marketing is one way to make a brand recognizable, but it’s a costly service. Often, the marketing spend is higher than the actual cost of producing the item. Small brands with limited budgets can’t afford to spend a lot on marketing; otherwise, they can’t maintain a competitive retail price. This is where custom boxes help brands market their product as a self-marketing tool.

With a customized look of the box, brands get noticed and can do free marketing. Businesses can use custom boxes as a free marketing tool by fusing their logo, design, and color scheme that best represents the brand. Once the customer buys the product, everywhere they take it, the box will grab other people's attention. The box itself becomes a marketing tool, and the brand becomes recognizable to many.

Custom boxes can also increase a brand’s reach on social media. People use social media and share their experiences online with their followers. There are video channels dedicated to the unboxing experience that reach thousands of viewers with a single video.

With custom boxes, brands can avail themselves of free marketing. Using custom packaging, brands can incentivize customers to make a post on social media and talk about their product by giving them a coupon or voucher for their next purchase. Custom boxes make it easy for people to have good points to make about the product, which increases the brand’s reach on social media.

Not only that, but with custom packaging, brands can make unboxing their product an experience. With this, brands don’t need to incentivize customers to post about their product. The box itself will compel them to talk about it. With a unique unboxing experience, it’ll grab the attention of video channels dedicated to the unboxing experience. This further increases the brand’s reach on social channels.

5-      Customizable

Customization is the biggest strength of the custom boxes. They can be made in any shape and size. They are designed as per the product specs and fit perfectly, even the irregularly shaped items. Not only that, but custom inserts can be added inside the boxes to improve presentation or as padding to protect the stored item.
This is not the extent of customization for these boxes. Their outer print can be customized using different designs and blending them with color schemes and brand logos. They help create a unique look, not only for the box but also for the brand, and make it more recognizable. There is no type of box that can’t use custom prints to attract customers and create a unique brand identity. Even the custom-printed product display boxes benefit greatly from custom prints and shapes.

6-      Increased Perceived Value of Product

Perception is everything. It doesn’t matter if your product is of the highest quality if the perception around it is the opposite. Custom boxes help improve the perception of the product with their quality build. The box is the first point of contact with the customer. Made with quality materials, custom boxes lend a premium feel to the item. Once in the hands of the customer, their perception of the product will set in. Using custom boxes, brands can elevate their presentation and increase the perception of their product.To further improve the perception, brands can add small touches or things in the custom box. Adding even a small thank you note will make the customer think they are getting more than what they paid for. It also improves the perception of the brand.

7-      Eco Friendly

In recent years, people have become aware of the effects of unsustainable production and carbon emissions. This has led to a shift in behavior, as customers now prefer to buy brands that share their moral values. Brands can cater to this demographic with custom boxes. Brands have control over the material used to make custom boxes. Using sustainable materials, they can play their part in helping the planet while improving their sales figures. It is something that brands can proudly advertise on the print of the box, to let the consumer know that they care about them and the planet.


Custom boxes are the new standard in product packaging and there is no going back to traditional packaging. Custom boxes help brands in many ways, like improving brand image and providing better protection and customization. It can help brands increase their reach on social media by becoming a cheap self-marketing tool. There are so many types of custom boxes, like product display boxes, tuck boxes, folding cartons, and more, that brands can never run out of unique box designs. Packaging Mania offers affordable custom packaging solutions. So, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and get a quote for your ideal custom box.

12 June 2024

Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania

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Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
Successful Brands that Trust Packaging Mania
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