Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The accessibility of our platform entails acceptance of the mentioned terms and conditions. Packaging Mania has the freedom to alter and update these rules and regulations at any time, with or without notice. We suggest our customers to revisit this website on a regular basis. Our corporation owns the stocks and materials used in the manufacturing of packaging boxes. We do not trade or distribute our stocks to any third party. Packaging Mania holds the right to distribute freebies or exhibit their printed custom boxes for consumers in order to highlight our skills.

Copyright Notice

Through accessing our website, users agree and recognize that Packaging Mania holds the webpage with all of its content, including records, text, software, photos, graphics, pictures, illustrations, charts, templates, icons, and other such content are jointly referred to as "Our Web Content." Any sort of editing, updating, duplication, processing, reposting, sharing, or transfer of the material with no official permission of the website's owners is totally unacceptable.

User Conduct on Our Website

You are solely responsible for the content that you send, post, distribute, or even transmit or share through our website. You consent that every material which user submitted, share, promote, or thereby publicize or convey through our platform, and which is utilized in compliance with our web content does not include any third-party text, image, template, trademark, service mark, or proprietary work unless you have obtained the necessary authorization from the relevant companies. We possess zero discretion over the materials supplied by Packaging Mania users, so we cannot validate the credibility, quality, or legitimacy of the material. We would not be accountable to you in any way for any material that you find objectionable, coercive, or invalid. Our corporation retains the freedom to remove any information that is indecent, insulting, or potentially unlawful; though, it is not our responsibility to remove any content that violates the terms of service or is considered inappropriate. The company has the authority to uphold the material uploaded on our site or to report it if needed (1) abide by judicial procedure; (2) implement the user agreement; (3) to react to claims that the website's content violates third parties; or (4) to secure the property, resources, or safety of our website and its customers.

It’s your foremost prerogative to give the correct information on the site in order to purchase our goods. Our platform is intended for human use only and is not supposed to be operated by machines or other digital devices. Exploiting our database in a way that violates Packaging Mania’s contract terms will be considered illegal, and legal charges will be brought. By using our service as a customer and submitting an order, you assure that you get all the power, consent, and authorization to make an order and that the firm can produce specific products on your behalf. It is entirely your role and responsibility to secure your credentials in order to get access to your registered account. If someone makes an order via your account or if something similar occurs, it is ultimately your fault. However, giving access to anyone else means that they or you can build, reuse, and modify the content from our platform whenever you access it.

Proximity to certain sections of our site requires users to register their emails and names, as well as create a password for further use. When activating the profile, we reserve the authority to demand additional private or business-related material. You are personally accountable for your password security, and you must not reveal it to others. If an unauthorized person has access to the login credentials section of the website, you consent to be made responsible for any infringement of content.

If you are using our website, then it clearly indicates that you agree with our company’s privacy policies. You admit that you have read and acknowledged our privacy policy and that our company will collect your personal and business details in accordance with the agreement.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnity

You agree to secure, indemnify, and defend the Packaging Mania and its shareholders, directors, employees, partners, agents, and subcontractors, against all complaints, lawsuits, and claims made toward the company in relation to the alleged negligence of the customers or the unproven printing of products conducted by the employees and requested by consumers. It may include (a) acts that are offensive, abusive, or harmful; or (b) actions that are the result of unauthorized access to any password-protected area of our webpage. You agree to indemnify and hold us harmless in the event of any mistake, injury, disturbance, or wrongdoing as a consequence of any accusations. In this case, protect the company against all charges, payment of any decision or verdict, and compensate us for all legal fees and damages recorded. The Corporation will not be liable in any accident, death, harmful incident, damage, or detention of any kind suffered by its employees, staff, marketing agents, media personalities, and the appropriate authorities. As a result of using our website or the details accessed from it, even though an entity has been advised of the likelihood of such losses.

Under any event, Packaging Mania is not responsible for any penalties or damage caused by the contract's negligence. Your use of our service would be limited to the price you pay for your request at our company.

Refund Policy

If you find any flaw in the processing and printing of your custom packaging boxes or if the package is not designed according to your specifications, you should first notify the company within three working days after receiving your shipment. And if the printing is incorrect or not made clear, we will resurrect your original order but do not refund the payment. The management committee will conduct disfigurement tests. In order to obtain a reprint, clients will be asked to send faulty stock photographs to the firm using their own money within 5 days. Payments for accelerated orders are not refundable in any way.

Cancellations and Payment Order Placement

Rates of products on our website are in US Dollars and our company will collect the payment in the same currency. When the corporation has received the full amount from you, including fees, shipping costs, and so on, from any approved payment scheme, they will begin working on your requested order.

Before placing an order, we tend to send the finished edition of the product to our consumers in the form of an online document or a tangible print of the product they expect the firm to develop for them. moreover, printing tasks are managed by the press department and once the details are handed over to them, there will be no adjustments in any case. Even so, the request can be canceled within four hours of the authorization of evidence. This cancellation would most probably cost you $25 and 5% of your order's total payout. Users have the opportunity of canceling their offer under 24 hours, but they must pay 50% of the gross cost to reimburse for the effort and cost invested by the firm on processing your products. Nevertheless, the firm cannot guarantee that the request can get canceled within 24 hours.

Design Orders

For design service orders, Packaging Mania does not allow any refunds. The design orders that you have given are final and non-refundable.

Policy for Sales Tax

Throughout the state of Illinois, we do apply sales tax. In case if you are tax-exempt then you have to validate your tax exemption by providing a tax exemption certificate to the company.

Artwork/Files Submitted by Customers

Our developers generate innovative concepts based mostly on illustrations provided by customers on our site. The art files must be 300 dpi in finished and CMYK format. If you still submit files in different font sizes and not in CMYK format, the company will not be considered responsible for printing that is blurred, incorrect, or not in accordance with your request. The customer placing the order will be accountable if the printing does not match the requirement. The corporation's staff take all necessary precautions to prevent errors, and the Packaging Mania would not be prosecuted for any malfunction of compiled orders.

The corporation has the authority to refuse any request that, in our opinion, is unconstitutional or infringes on the rights of external parties. When you place an order as a customer, you are fully responsible for the material that is created based on your directives. Packaging Mania has the power to disregard orders without providing any sort of explanation. Its purpose is to ensure that the organization does not report anything that is provocative, indecent, or destructive.

Color Accuracy and Proofs

Ordering often entails sending the final edition of the design to the company, either electronically or in hard copy. It’s your duty as a customer to check and verify the proof. The company should never be held up because of the inconsistency of evidence, which creates complications. It is imperative to check that the turnaround time listed on our website applies just after confirmation of the contract. Before signing, you must review the policy and rules. Please double-check your entire data before submitting it to prevent mistakes in arrangement, alignment, copy, punctuation, or picture and written text placement. Electronic proofs are opaque; overprinting and color issues may arise. We really aren't liable for the printed form of your items along with lamination.

The color to be displayed on the package is produced from the document submitted, although it cannot be the exact same way due to the built-in limitations of the printing methods, so color accuracy cannot be guaranteed. So, if you place an order means you are willingly accepting that systematic flaws may occur.

No Liability for Errors

Packaging Mania is not liable for any of the following defects in the final manufactured product:

Errors in spelling and grammar

Font Flaws

Percolating marks

Graphics punctuation

Overprinting mistakes

Cropping marks

Incorrect fonts

Die lines

The distinction of finished product size

Folds with cracks

* All packaging materials are pre-assembled and delivered flat.

Gang printing

For many of our printing materials, we do not use gang printing methods simultaneously. Based on the business's and its customers' printing requirements, the company can use any printing technique that is probably more suited to them.

Overruns Underruns

We usually deliver the same amount of products purchased along with some extra amount. This additional volume of product is provided at no additional expense. In the case that fewer goods are delivered or are being processed, the organization will only exclude the number of products shipped. The corporation follows the standard rule of delivering 5% more or less of the delivered products.

Order Processing Period, Shipping, and Delivery

Our turnaround period begins after we receive a complete payout of your request, authorization of your shared artwork file by the press department. You may select the production pace by sending a demand on our platform, which shows the range of workdays from printing to delivery. You should email us your acceptance of the evidence before 10 a.m. Our staff is working hard to ensure that you receive your goods on time via shipment. In the event of a delivery lag, we would not be answerable for any losses incurred as a result of the delay. Clients acknowledge that the firm is not liable for any interruptions caused by environmental or customs issues which cannot be controlled directly by us.

You intend to pay the entire sum in terms of customs duties and fees when the order is delivered to the correct site. It’s your duty as a customer to pay amounts for the export of goods outside the United States. The firm provides 5 days for product shipment to any place in the United States with no volume or quantity restrictions. Transporting to multiple locations will incur an added charge. Legitimately, the company cannot be found responsible for any transport damages. This kind of case would be considered after 6 days of delivery, so if you sent the incorrect mailing address or make any errors in it then, we will charge further delivery and processing fees for re-shipment.


Order Shipping & Delivery, And Also Production Speed Instructions

After your submitted artwork/files have been uploaded, verified, as well as accepted by our pre-press department. You still have to pay fully including applicable taxes, shipping, and handling, then the time of production speed & printing turnaround will begin. You have the option of selecting production speed during the order placement procedure on our website, which specifies the number of business days needed to print your order and prepare it for transportation to the shipping company. Before 10 a.m. Central Standard Time, you must get the approval of the proof (CT).

We make every attempt to print and ship your orders as soon as possible. PackagingMania.com will not be responsible for any indirect or consequential losses resulting from a shipment or delivery delay. You agree not to hold PackagingMania.com responsible for shipment delays due to poor weather, shipping company delays, customs problems, or any other situations beyond our direct control. Expedited charges will be returned if the printing process is delayed due to technical issues or equipment failure. Orders cannot be canceled if the printing process is delayed.

You agree to pay all the customs duties and charges on goods shipped to their specified locations. However, customers are responsible for making customs arrangements for shipments delivered if they are outside the United States.

PackagingMania.com offers standard shipping in 5 business days to " EACH ORDER IS LIMITED TO ONE LOCATION" inside the United States without any restriction in terms of quantity or weight. Shipping to additional locations will be extra charged. We don’t provide assurance about shipping or delivery transit times. We are also not responsible for any delay, loss, harm, or theft of printing products during shipping or delivery as well. PackagingMania.com is not liable for any errors that occur during shipping. After 6 Business days from the package shipping date, claims for lost or damaged shipments can be filed. We do not only print at our in-house presses in the United States, but we also use our own offshore printing services in Asia and Africa in order to assist customers by reducing their expenses.

Address No 1: 62-A Alpha co-operative society, Johar Town , Lahore, 54000, Pakistan

Address No 2: 3-9 Hyde Road, Manchester, England, M12 6BQ

We will charge extra shipping and handling fees for re-shipment if you provide us with an incorrect shipment delivery address or make an error while submitting the accurate delivery address.


Changes to our Website Terms and Services

Packaging Mania reserves the right to change every section of our site or the terms and services at any stage even without announcing to our customers. The recent changes will take place after they are incorporated into the website's contract terms. If you visit the portal after the terms have been updated, it will be seen as your acceptance of the most recent modifications.

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